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ग्लोबल इंस्टिट्यूट ऑफ़ सेलुलर टेक्नोलॉजी

Global Institute of Cellular Technology®

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Fourth Floor, North Plaza, Ernakulam North Railway Station Road, Cochin (Ernakulam North), Kerala-682018, India.


Landphone : +(91)-484-4050 450
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Working Days : Monday - Friday
Office Timings 10:00 am. to 5:00 pm.
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The first mobile phone call was made on 3rd April, 1973 by Martin Cooper, a Motorola researcher and executive from a handheld subscriber equipment to Dr. Joel S. Engel of Bell Labs. In India the mobile phone was introduced on 31st July 1995 and the first call was made by Union Telecom Minister Sukh Ram who made a call to the then Chief Minister of West Bengal. The mobile phone industry has grown rapidly since then with many brands being introduced and more and more sophisticated instruments being launched almost every day. The application of mobile phone and other handheld device like smartphone and tablet pc have also increased with the increase of internet usage among the urban and rural masses of India.

There was initially a misconception prevailing; especially in the west about the feasibility of repairing faulty handsets; so generally, people used to discard their expensive handsets for a new one. The perception has changed since people realized that their faulty handsets could be repaired instead of discarding. Today sophisticated, slim and sleek smartphones have evolved from the old bulky first generation mobile phones which did nothing except calls. Smartphones are a common place today. Apart from making calls, It has multiple functions of daily use like short messaging, internet access, games, global positioning systems, digital maps, digital camera, voice recorder, torch, clock, calendar, alarms, reminders, music players, email services and many more. Today life without a smartphone is unimaginable, be it social media, banking services, booking tickets in train, bus, flight, film, paying utility bills etc.; the requirement of smartphone is becoming a must for all and Indian government agencies have already taken steps to make the reach of smartphones to remotest parts of the country.

The mobile phone repairing industry has been growing alongside since then and many young aspirants have turned towards this lucrative profession of repairing faulty handsets and earning a decent income. The industry was introduced in India to cater to the ever growing need of training up more and more people who could repair today’s sensitive cellular devices like smartphones and tablets etc . The scope of mobile phone repairing remains very high even as the telecom devices have become sophisticated and powerful. This is an industry where one can carve their niche and earn through their technical expertise and grow exponentially. The employment opportunities in this sector also have also grown exponentially, be it a low investment – high returns business or a high paying salary. In order to cater to growing demand of well trained skilled technicians, the mobile phone training industry has come into the picture.

Global Institute of Cellular Technology® founded in the year 2000, located at Ernakulam (Kochi) in Kerala, is one of the pioneering mobile phone training institutes in India offering advanced short term vocational courses on cellular technology which includes card level and chip level training on mobile phone repair, smartphone repair , tablet PC repair and laptop repair. This institute is one of the oldest mobile phone training institutes in India and a frontrunner in mobile phone training, keeping up with the changing technology in order to benefit the students and to empower them to tap the employment opportunities in this sector. Many institutes have sprouted up all around India, but Global Institute of Cellular Technology® stands apart from all of them more by virtue of the methodology used for mobile phone training, combined with focusing on continual growth on the same.

In our mobile phone service training / mobile repair training course, the classes are hundred percent practical oriented classes; which means the students will be handling various devices from the very first day onwards. We have carefully observed students and out of the experience we have gleaned over the past two decades, we have noticed that students tend to learn more through practical and real life troubleshooting. “Practice makes Perfect” is a popular idiom in English language which means “frequently doing something makes one better at doing it or gives a mastery of the skills required to do it”. Our students are given the opportunity and the exposure to work on a wide range of sophisticated devices, software and tools and instruments which our laboratory can proudly boast off. We have been instrumental in producing the largest chunk of skilled employable mobile phone, smartphone, tablet and laptop technicians in India. We are committed to quality training and continual improvement as mentioned in our Quality Policy. Our trainee technicians are the most sought after mobile phone technicians in India and abroad, especially in middle east countries, and we have regular clients from gulf countries who ask for the trained manpower which we develop. So why wait? join our mobile phone institute now and kickstart your exciting career on cellular technology and earn upto Rs.60,000/- per month.




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